Pre Stock Car Racing History

Ty started driving various vehicles when he was 4 years old and had his own four-wheeler at age 5. He showed responsibility and confidence even at this young age. He and his dad went to watch their first go-kart race in Cecil, WI in June of 2005, when Ty was 10. It was at the Hi-Go Raceway in Cecil that they met Dave Sinkula of Whippet Racing. Dave helped them get started, supported, and educated them during this growing and learning period.

Ty’s first race was in July of 2005. After some mechanical problems during their first few races, the father-son team won a feature race within one month of racing. On August 19, 2005, the day after Ty’s 11th birthday, he took his first victory lap. With that sweet taste of victory, Ty was bitten by the racing bug. He quickly realized he had a passion for speed. That same year, Ty went on to race at multiple area tracks, always finishing in the top 5. After racing his first full season in 2006, Ty won his first championship at age 11 and went on to win the state championship that same year.

Ty enjoys a reputation at the tracks of being a solid, clean racer. He prides himself on racing smart, safe and hard. He has since started his own business supporting local drivers and their parents on and off the race track. He teaches parents and kids kart set-up and coaches kids on driving, sportsmanship and communication. Ty also preps and maintains tires for his customers. Ty’s objective is to continually improve in his racing skills and abilities. He wants to continue to fine tune the intricacies of driving, set up and communication. Also, his ultimate objective is to advance in the racing industry and become a professional race car driver. Ty has never declined the opportunity to drive and has gone out of his way to create opportunities to race more. Racing is clearly his passion and always has been.