2020 Season run down of cars/owners

Ty has had a long history with his 91 team. He strongly believes that he has the “Dream Team.” It takes every person on the team to make the magic happen.

-Toby Nuttleman is Ty’s crew chief. Toby is a legend when it comes to short track crew chiefing. Toby has been with Ty since Ty started in super late models. In that time, they have developed a friendship that enhances the quality of their program. “Toby is more than my crew chief,” Says Ty, “he is one of my best friends. That comfort level makes the communication so much better and improves our results on the track.”

-Chris and Craig Johnson are key crew guys. Chris owns the shop the 91 cars are housed in. The two brothers are geniuses when it comes to adjustments and diagnostics. They are able to watch the car and provide feedback as to the cars attitude on the track.

– Brian Bank is our tire guru. He understands the science behind the tires and can diagnose any issues as they relate to how they effect the cars handling.

-Brad Majeski is not only Ty’s dad but he is Ty’s spotter. Obviously the comfort level with these two is built in. Ty is able to communicate with his spotter in a way that many others can’t. Brad also works on the car when it’s not on the track along side the rest of the team!

– Andy Benning, Al Hemmersbach, Jeff, Cole, and Chase Kuske, and Randy and Derek Doerr are also members of the crew that help out whenever they can. Each one of these men bring a special talent and magic to the team.

-Sue Majeski and Mark Allen work on merchandise sales (RIP Guy Bodde.)

-Last but never least Brad and Nancy Mannstedt are the car owners. They are more than just owners though.

They are good friends and an amazing support system for the team. Brad and Nancy believed in Ty from the beginning of his super late model career and continue that support to this day. Thanks to them for everything they do!