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2018 Season run down of cars/owners

Jack Roush of Roush Fenway owns Ty’s number 60 car sponsored by Ford Performance. The team of Austin Cindric, Chase Briscoe and Ty Majeski are looking forward to sharing a full season, with each running a pre-assigned number of races. Ty will be running 12 starting with the Bristol race in April. Jack has stated to Ty that he sees a big future for him with Roush Fenway,

Two of the 91 cars ares set up for the short track circuit. Watch for information on which tracks Ty will be throwing his hat in the ring! This Toby Nuttleman chief-ed car car is owned by Brad and Nancy Mannstedt. It is sponsored by, Ken’s Sports, and Treeo’s. Brad and Nancy have long dreamed of owning a race car. Their dream became reality when they met Ty at LaCrosse. With their support, since 2014 Ty went on to win four straight championships including rookie of the year in 4 seasons with the ARCA Midwest Tour. Ty is the youngest champion, the first to win 4 in a row and the first rookie champion. Ty also won the governors cup three straight times, the rattler twice in a row, and holds the track record at the snowball derby. The championship list continues with the celebrated speedweeks championship.

The second Car is also a short track car but is co-owned by Ty along with Toby Nuttleman. This Chartreuse and black rocket has many wins to boast of and promises to continue to be a force to be reckoned with. The winning Majeski-Nuttleman team is a source of intimidation when they show up at the track. It’s well known that they will be in contention for the win.

The third car that Ty piloted was raced at the weekly shows in LaCrosse when it was possible. This blue streak is owned by Johnny’s Hobbies. Johnny put his faith in Ty in the beginning of the 2013 season. Ty enjoys running the Johnny’s Hobbies car when he can and it is considered the car that introduced Ty to Toby. Their relationship has been strong ever since.